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Knox Elevator Box™- Englewood FD

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Designed specifically for a building's elevator lobby, the Knox Elevator Box offers safe, efficient and secure rapid access for emergency responders that need quick access to enter an inoperable elevator or critical locked areas within a building without causing property damage and/or injuries from forced entry.

With a shallow depth, the Knox Elevator Box fits both compactly and discreetly within any wall, making it aesthetically pleasing for interior applications, yet maintaining seamless accessibility.


  • Holds 2 elevator door drop keys and up to 31 keys with optional key hook expansion panel (standard configuration holds 18 keys)
  • Build Knox- Rugged and secure: UL 1037, UL 1610, UL 437
  • Heavy-duty steel construction design, far superior to a typical aluminum key box
  • Comes with a "Fire Department Use Only" label imprinted to meet many state's elevator key box requirements


  • Allows rapid access to the correct, calibrated elevator door drop key
  • Prevents forced entry into locked doors within the interior of the building
  • Minimizes first responder injury
  • Meets IFC and NFPA 1 standards

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Right click HERE to download mounting instructions

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  • Dark Bronze

3. Add Tamper Switch

Although our box is UL 1037 Listed and built Knox Rugged, we strongly suggest to all our property owners to invest in the Knox Tamper Alert System. A minimal investment, that will protect your big investment, your property. In the event that your box is opened or removed from the wall, Knox Tamper Alert System will notify you, and may prevent potential vandalism or unwanted entry.

Right click HERE to download tamper switch installation and mounting instructions






To insure procurement and delivery of the Knox Elevator Box, it is suggested that following specification paragraph is used:

Knox Elevator Box, heavy-duty UL 1037 listed, surface mount with/without UL listed alarm tamper switches. 10 gauge plate steel housing, 100% welded. Door: 10 gauge steel, lock protecting hardplate, 1” security overlap. Lock shall be UL listed. Lock shall have 1/8” stainless steel dust cover with tamper seal mounting capability.

Exterior Dimensions: 10 1/2”H x 7 1/2”W x 2”D

Lock: UL 437 Listed. Double-action rotating tumblers and hardened steel pins accessed by a biased cut key.

Finish: Knox-Coat® proprietary finishing process

Color: Red, Aluminum, or Dark Bronze with "Fire Dept Use Only" banner

P/N: Knox Elevator Box (mfr’s cat. ID)


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What Product Model Do I Need to Order?

Contact your local Fire or Public Safety Department for Knox product recommendations.

What is a Tamper Switch

The Knox Tamper Alert is installed inside either the Knox Document Cabinet or the Knox Elevator Box and connects to the alarm on your building. If anyone tampers with the box, the alarm will be activated.

What is Dual Lock For?

Dual locks allow shared agency access so first responders can immediately gain access during emergencies. For example, fire departments, law enforcement, and emergency medical services may share access to properties in their local jurisdictions.

What Colors are Available?

The Knox Document Cabinet is available in light beige gray and the Knox Elevator Box is available in red, aluminum, and dark bronze.

What are Spec Sheets?

Spec sheets are available on this page under the "Brochures & Specs" section or can be found here.

What Sizes are Available?

Knox Emergency Boxes come in two sizes: Knox Document Cabinet is a larger-sized key lockbox (18"H x 14.5"W x 7"D) and the Knox Elevator Box is a smaller-sized key lockbox (10.5"H x 7.5"W x 2"D).

How and where do I install my Knox Emergency Box?

Click here to see mounting instructions for the Knox Document Cabinet. Click here for mounting instructions for Knox Elevator Boxes.

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